Unbelievable it took this long.

I have cousins who moved to Bali. Hoping they drop it too so we can finally visit them.

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I hear that! I'm only 3.75 h away and I used to go all the time.

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BTW, speaking of lawsuits, LA County Health Director, Barbara Ferrer is being sued over mask mandates as well as other bad policies.


You can donate to this worthy lawsuit here: https://www.laparents.org/donate

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Thanks for the update!

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EXCELLENT coverage! Thank you.

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The holocaust is over!

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No, it isn't.

They are not done.

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Nailed it!

Catastrophic Contagion 2025, Seers (Prophets for Next Deadly Extermination of Humanity)


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my daughter found that she could get a covid vaccine waiver to go to work in the USA. She wouldn't have gone if she couldn't. And regarding a Green Card and immigration to USA, i found that if you refused ALL vaccines you could also refuse the covid vaccines. They weren't prepared for the picking and choosing of jabs, but if you put yourself forward as a hard core non-vaxxer they were all good with that!!

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No time like LAST to stay on the cutting edge.


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I have an alternate view on lung physiology that dismisses the notion of oxygen and carbon dioxide gaseous exchange

The article is titled

We breathe air not oxygen

I take you though all the steps that lead to this statement

Including how oxygen is manufactured

How oxygen is calibrated

Eg medical oxygen has 67parts per million of water contamination

Why oxygen is toxic, dehydrates and damages the alveoli

Lung physiology requires the air at the alveoli to reach 100% humidity

Can you see the problem?

The new take on lung physiology:

The lungs rehydrate the passing RBCs with iso tonic saline solution as they pass through the alveoli capillary beds

RBCs change from dark contracted dehydrated to plump bright hydrated form as they soak up the iso tonic saline solution the bursting alveoli bubbles throw upon the capillary sac

The airway mucosa conditions the breathe with salt and moisture

Seasonality of colds/flu is related to cold dry air and dehydration

Dehydration is the point of susceptibility

Find the article


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VA Pittsburgh hospital requires masks...or veterans are denied healthcare.

How is that humane?

Will this insanity end?

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This insanity will end only when "they" find another way to torture humanity.

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And CMS Healthcare Facilities is coming! FINALLY!

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