Did you see the update today where they admitted the male and female labels were inverted? https://twitter.com/ClareCraigPath/status/1629093945362853888?s=20

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Oh wow, no I did not, but that seems to clear up my findings.

Now that's really embarrassing, isn't it? How can we ever trust a regulator, that's making so many mistakes?

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article updated.

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Quite - and what a waste of your time!

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I think that the "kill shot" will be the lethality by manufacturer.

Anyway as you say, the data is flawed. Per the YouTube - Norman Fenton with John Campbell -yesterday, the first (and most lethal?) months of vaxx roll-out in 2021 has been dropped because "2011 v 2021 census data" - data for under 18's has been omitted and errors in the split between vaxx and unvaxxed - calculates too low a number of unvaxxed, hence piling on more casualties into the unvaxxed bucker - the denominator - that should be attributed to the "ever vaxxed" bucket.

In the back of my mind is the work done by Messrs Neil and Fenton and reviewed by German Professor Kuhbandner commented here


referring to this


Thank you for your diligence and patience in helping the Brits out of their data ineptitude, obfuscation and deflection from crimes committed by politicians and health regulators with a complicit medical industry.

Just imagine if, in a perfect world, we could reconcile "deaths with Midazolam and Morphine present, contra-indicated by overall health and treatment with IVM/HCQ"


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With your older groups, and more elderly, there are more females than males, because females generally outlive males. The data there may not be faulty, if I understand what I am looking at.

Maybe I don't?

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Great work Ben, I wonder what the % of each dose vs % of deaths for each dose looks like, Joel did the ever vaxed % vs % of deaths which is quite telling.

OS on Twitter did the per 100K for ever vaxed vs unvaxed deaths using NIMS population, it looked very very bad for the govt, would be interesting to see what each dose vs unvaxed deaths looks like using the same NIMS population

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We have added your analysis to that of others and that based on Canadian data at :


We also made this short article: https://opencanada.substack.com/p/read-me-first-if-government-of-canada

that can be used as the easiest evidence to prove that Governments are willingly breaking all norms of data and scientific integrity. Once you see this evidence, you will not have more doubts that they are doing it everywhere where possible - with no exception - including , of course, in latest UK Deaths data.

Please contact us at opencanada.info@protonmail.com for collaboration. We are developing tools (in R and as Web App) that should make deaths data analysis and visualizations easier for everyone, as in OpenCanada.info

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Thanks for amazing work you do! (both the Web App portals and this Substack)

We would like to reuse some of your codes and coding ideas for our OpenCanada.info tracker.

and we would happy to share ours too. See discussion with Fabien:


Is this where we should look for your codes:


It's great you put them there, but it's tricky to figure our what is where, as you have also several branches on various places

Do you plan to organize some of them there?

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Very enlightening, thanks!

Concerning the boosters which seem relatively OK, that's of course after 21 days so it fails to include the people who quickly died from the shots. See this reanalysis of the old dataset which you likely saw already: https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/another-look-at-uk-all-cause-mortality

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Since your previous post, I made this heatmap which shows the percentage of unvaccinated people according to ONS side by side with the percentage from the UK Coronavirus Dashboard API: https://i.ibb.co/2ZrB31x/unvax-pct-ons-vs-coronavirus-dashboard-api.png. R script: https://pastebin.com/raw/zi5r3NiY. I converted the daily data at the Coronavirus Dashboard to monthly data by taking the average value for each month, and not by taking the value on the last day of each month. That way it's comparable to the percentage of unvaccinated people in the ONS data, which I calculated as unvaccinated person-years divided by total person-years.

At first I thought the data at the UK Coronavirus Dashboard API was the same as the UKHSA data, but the percentage of unvaccinated people in the Dashboard API doesn't seem to match either the ONS data or the vaccine surveillance reports published by the UKHSA. The reports by the UKHSA are published monthly, and the latest report is from February 2023: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1134076/vaccine-surveillance-report-week-5-2023.pdf. However the latest report no longer includes the plot used by Igor Chudov which shows the cumulative intake of the first dose by age group, but the plot was last included in the report from March 2022: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1066759/Vaccine-surveillance-report-week-13.pdf.

For example on page 17 of the UKHSA report from March 2022, about 51% of people in the 12-15 age group are listed as vaccinated on week 1 of 2022. But in the UK Coronavirus Dashboard, the percentage of vaccinated people in the 12-15 age group is listed as only 33.1% on January 9th 2022 (which was the last day of week 1): `curl -s 'https://api.coronavirus.data.gov.uk/v2/data?areaType=nation&areaCode=E92000001&metric=vaccinationsAgeDemographics&format=csv'|cut -d, -f4,5,15|grep 12_15|grep 2022-01-09`. Part of the difference in the percentages is explained by the fact that the data at the UK Coronavirus Dashboard is only for England but the data in the UKHSA reports is for the whole UK. The "vaccinationsAgeDemographics" metric is not available at the Coronavirus Dashboard if you don't change the area restriction from the whole UK to only England. However I doubt there would be such a large difference in vaccine uptake between England and the whole UK, because 51% is about one and half times 33.1%.

(For other people than Ben: you can get the URL for the CSV file from the Coronavirus Dashboard API by going here: https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/download. Set "Area type" to "Nation", set "Area name" to "England", set "Metrics" to "vaccinationsAgeDemographics", and then click "Download data". Then you can get the percentage of vaccinated people from the 15th column labeled "cumVaccinationFirstDoseUptakeByVaccinationDatePercentage".)

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